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Louisville Sex Crime Charges Attorney

Allegations and charges involving sex crimes in Louisville, Jefferson County or the surrounding Kentucky counties can have a significant impact on your reputation. As a Louisville criminal defense attorney, I’ve spent years defending the rights of my clients, protecting their liberty and ensuring that they have a shot at a successful future.

Teachers, coaches and school counselors have ongoing interaction with students. Actions and conversations can be misconstrued. Comments and text messages can be taken out of context. Even a student’s attempt at a risqué joke can place you at risk. All of these situations can put your career and your future at risk.

Here are a few of the types of sex crime issues my clients may have:

  • Sexual assault allegations
  • Rape and sodomy charges
  • Possession of child pornography

A guilty charge can result in your name being included on the sex offenders’ list – for the rest of your life. This will result in limits to your freedom and could make it very difficult for you to pursue gainful employment. The stigma can impact your family, even if they had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged offenses.

If you’ve been charged with a sexual crime, the prosecutors are going to work hard to get a conviction. When it comes to successfully defending someone accused of sex crimes, I carefully study all aspects of the case.

  • Is this your first offense?
  • How believable are the charges and the person making the allegations?
  • How was evidence against you collected?
  • Can the specific sex crime charges be attacked?
  • How can we limit exposure in the media?
  • If necessary, would a plea to a lesser offense protect you?

The newspapers and TV are full of examples of people who have been convicted of sex crimes. That doesn’t have to be you. While the public rushes to assume guilt, in the eyes of the law and our Constitution, you’re innocent until proven otherwise. That’s a key point to remember. They have to be able to prove it. It’s easy to make allegations (even when they’re false). The rules of evidence must be followed according to the law.

I’m here to protect your rights. I’m Stephen Berry and I’m proud to be a criminal defense lawyer.

If you are a teacher, coach or school counselor and you’re facing criminal charges in Louisville, Jefferson County or the surrounding area, you need to contact me as quickly as possible. I’m a Louisville criminal defense lawyer with experience representing people accused of committing sexual crimes. Call me as soon as you can.

The police and prosecutors are already building a case against you. The social stigma, damage to your reputation and your personal freedom is at risk. Our discussions are completely confidential.

Call Louisville criminal defense attorney, Stephen Berry at: (502) 589-6190, or call my cell phone – (502) 645-1055. You and your rights deserve and aggressive defense.

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