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Louisville Expungement Attorney

If you have ever been charged with a crime, then you know how difficult it is to find employment. Even if the charges were dismissed, or your time was served, your record can prevent you from being able to volunteer at your children’s school and participate in school functions. A criminal record can place serious limitations on your options.

However, there’s a way to protect your reputation during a background check. It’s called an expugement.

In Kentucky, criminal charges need to be expunged to be properly – and permanently – removed from your record. An expungement helps to ensure past charges don’t effect your future employment or your involvement in your child’s school activities.

Expunging your record effectively erases certain charges from your past. It prevents them from showing up when an employer does a background check on you. Many people don’t realize that even if the charges were dropped, the original charges can remain on your record. It’s a shame to see people continually punished for crimes they didn’t commit. In this economy, it can be devastating.

There are specific guidelines, limits and procedures involved. The Kentucky state legislature considers new bills every year. When the laws are changed, new options may enable you to have your record expunged, wherein the past, you might not have been eligible.

As Louisville criminal defense attorney, I stay up to date on the latest changes and any advances in the Kentucky expungement laws. They are extremely important to my clients.

I can help to get your record expunged, even if I didn’t handle your criminal case.

Sometimes in handling expungements, timing is everything. That’s why it’s important that you work with an experienced lawyer. I have done hundreds of expungements and I continue to be very successful at clearing many of my clients’ criminal charges. When you hire me, you will get effective and efficient results.

Remember, a criminal record can impact many areas of your life. If it’s causing you a problem, contact me today. We’ll review your criminal record to determine how to best pursue a course of action.

Some charges may be able to be cleared relatively quickly. Other criminal charges and convictions may have to remain on file for an extended period of time, based on specific factors. That’s where my experience becomes extremely important. I’ll be able to discuss the issues with you and determine how best to handle your situation.

I can handle expungement cases on a statewide basis. I can help you even if you live in Elizabethtown, Lexington, Ashland, Bowling Green, Somerset, Hopkinsville or Paducah.

Call me, Louisville expungement attorney, Stephen Berry at: (502) 589-6190, or call my cell phone – (502) 645-1055. You’ve earned a fresh start. In Kentucky, expungements may make that possible. Services may be performed by others.

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