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Louisville Drug-Related DUI Charges

Most people assume drinking alcohol is what leads to DUI arrest. Actually, it can also involve drug-related DUI charges in Louisville and Jefferson County. My name is Stephen Berry. I’m a Louisville criminal defense attorney. I’ve handled these types of cases for years.

An arrest for DUI is serious. If you were operating a commercial vehicle such as a delivery truck, school bus or a tractor-trailer, your ability to keep your job is at risk.

Professionals such as teachers, doctors and even lawyers can be subjected to career-altering results if their DUI charges are not handled effectively.

Busy drivers and professionals may depend on pills or other stimulants to help them stay awake and focused, from time to time. However, these substances can also affect your to make good decisions – especially when operating a vehicle, working with patients or representing clients. When the effects of these stimulants wear off, you may be in for a crash (literally and figuratively).

Drug-related DUI charges in Louisville are still subject to the rules of criminal procedure and evidence. The police officer must adhere to the established standards involved in establishing probable cause (including how the officer administered the field sobriety test) or in obtaining and retaining evidence. If they fail to follow the rules, the law says your DUI charges may be able to be reduced or dismissed.

Louisville DIU Attorney

My job, as your DUI attorney, is to make sure every step was followed. I look for anything that might cause your charges to be called into question. I’ll review your version of the facts, as well as the officer who made the arrest. Finding a discrepancy, even minor one, is important. The outcome of your case may rest on it.

I’ve handled many DUI cases over the years. For most people, their DUI arrest was due to a simple lapse in judgment. Busy people are under a lot of pressure. Mistakes happen. First-time offenders may be able to join the Jefferson County Diversion Program, which can result in charges being dismissed. We can then work to expunge your record so your ability to maintain employment is possible.

Depending upon the facts of your case, I may be able to get the charges dropped, or help you plea to a lesser offense. Protecting your ability to continue to drive and earn a living is paramount. Whether you were arrested for driving drunk or drug-related impairment, more than just your license is on the line.

If you, or have been arrested for DUI in Louisville, Jefferson County or the surrounding area, you need to contact me as quickly as possible. I’m a Louisville criminal defense lawyer with years of experience representing people against DUI charges.

Call Louisville DUI defense attorney, Stephen Berry to handle your drug-related DUI case at: (502) 589-6190, or call my cell phone – (502) 645-1055, or contact him online. You, your reputation and your right to earn a living deserve defending.

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