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There are many things that an attorney needs to review and understand before he advises his client regarding a Driving Under the Influence case today.

Before the police can make a stop for Driving Under the Influence, they must have a solid basis to do so. The stop can be for speeding, reckless driving, weaving in the roadway, failure to use turn signals, failure to have a license plate illuminated, as well as other charges that the police may suspect you of violating.

After the stop, they still must have Probable Cause to make an arrest for Driving Under the Influence. It will be my job to examine all of the procedures that the police followed to determine whether they did their job properly.

I will be able to view the video of the field sobriety test, as well as any other videos in the Commonweath’s possession, including the videos at the breathalyzer lab.

I will examine the evidence they have accumulated and make a determination of whether they acted properly.

  • Did they have reasonable suspicion to stop your car?
  • Did they have Probable Cause to make an arrest?
  • If you did the Field Sobriety Test, did they administer it properly?
  • Did you request or did they request you to do a blood test and did they follow proper procedure?
  • Did they allow you to contact an attorney before they administered the breath test?
  • Plus many more things that need to be looked at when reviewing a DUI case.

Interlock Devices in Cars

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is implementing the use of an ignition interlock device. This device comes with many pitfalls. It can also result in potential extended license suspensions for DUI charges.

An ignition interlock device is installed in a person’s car and functions similar to a breathalyzer unit. The driver is required to breathe into the interlock device. The unit analyzes and compares the breath against acceptable levels. If the proper levels are determined, the car can then be started. It’s not uncommon for the driver to be required to provide additional samples during the drive (as a way to prove the driver remains sober).

As a Louisville DUI attorney, I will work hard to defend your rights. I often ask for records to determine whether the officers involved have ever been suspended for various reasons. It’s also helpful to request the police department produce documentation related to the breathalyzer’s calibration and operation, which could have a major effect on the device’s care.

These are only a few reasons why you need an attorney who keeps up on the current laws and any changes that affect an individual’s rights. That’s why you need to call me, Steve Berry, at (502) 645-1055 or email me via my website.

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