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I began my practice in 1987 working as a prosecutor in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, in Jefferson County Kentucky. I was an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney. I prosecuted hundreds of cases in the two and a half years I was there.

During that time, I prosecuted murder cases all the way down to simple theft cases.

I’ve been in private practice since leaving the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. I handle criminal defense cases in an office with 20 other attorneys who practice in a wide variety of different areas of the law. We often discuss legal issues, experiences before certain judges, and even tactics certain prosecutors use in seeking convictions.

I represent my clients “zealously.” I use that word on purpose. When criminal allegations are levied against you, it’s time to get serious about defending your reputation and your freedom. I typically handle cases in Jefferson County and the surrounding counties. Many of my clients are facing felony and/or misdemeanor charges. I work in both the adult and juvenile courts.

Since the very beginning of my practice, I’ve learned to pay attention to details, work hard and always be prepared.

I listen carefully to my clients when helping them resolve the criminal issues they face. Listening to my clients’ stories enables me to pin down specific facts and issues my client may think are small, but could actually have a huge impact on the case. These issues may be some of the details involving how the police established just cause. It may have to do with the way a field sobriety test was administered. In some cases, how the police improperly gathered evidence may play a major role in avoiding a conviction.

My clients may not realize that a tiny hole in the police officer’s testimony can end up becoming big enough for me to drive a bus through when it comes to getting your charges dropped, reduced or possibly dismissed. The opportunity is often found in the details others may miss.

I’m proud to handle criminal defense cases. Crimes deserve to be taken seriously. But when the police or the prosecutors fail to follow their procedures, the law is there to protect you.

Liberty, constitutional rights, freedoms may just sound like fancy words…until someone tries to take them away from you.

If you or a family member is facing criminal charges in Kentucky, call me, Louisville criminal defense attorney, Stephen Berry. My office phone number is: (502) 589-6190, or call my cell phone – (502) 645-1055. Don’t let the police and prosecutors easily take away your freedom. It’s time to fight.

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